Announcing our second clinic

Oct 02, 2018

A second CLINIC in Greenville

Barbara and I are very excited to announce the opening of our second facility in Greenville this October. We have discussed this opportunity for some time now to look at options for growth of our business to be able to help people in a new community that we are already living in. Our family moved to the Greenville area 8 years ago after living in Belmont for the previous 10 years. We found a home that allowed us to move back to the country with some acreage allowing me to hobby farm for the past few years.


With this expansion comes change which is the purpose of this letter  We have worked hard to surround ourselves with excellent employees who are focused on patient care like we are. Our current staff of PT’s is truly top notch and we trust them fully with the treatment of every patient who enters our clinic. This trust allowed us to begin working toward growing our company with adding another clinic. The Greenville area was our next logical expansion with our children in school there and active in many after school events and sports.


Barbara will be in the Rockford clinic on Monday and Wednesday during her normal hours of 7am to 2pm.  She will be in the Greenville clinic on Tuesday and Thursday for those same hours. Jason will be in the Rockford Clinic on Tuesday and Friday from 7am to 6pm and in Greenville on Monday and Thursday from 7am to 6pm.


We will be continuing our weekly meetings, quality assessments, and trainings for all staff to maintain our high expectations of quality of care. We appreciate your trust in us with your care and will work hard to help the transition to another PT on our staff as the need arises. We will be working to give comprehensive instructions and direction to anyone who may need to switch to another PT for scheduling sake.


Please understand that Barbara and I will still be treating patients but are also working toward working “on” the business as much as we are working “in” the business.  We have worked very hard to give high level in-services and training to all our staff so that the same level of physical therapy you have come to expect at Robinet PT is maintained and is continually improved. We will always be available for any concerns you may have during this time and hope that you would reach out to us as needed.  Thank you for your trust in us and we look forward to being there for you in the years to come.

Jason and Barbara Robinet PT