Counting our Blessings

Dec 29, 2017

Every year around this time we like to step back and look at all the greatness we have received in the past year. We have truly been blessed as a family and company in this past year beyond our ability to really comprehend it all. So bear with us as we try to count them.

We have gained two new PT’s in this past year, even though they are not new to us. Sydney Savage was a graduate student from Wayne State doing her last clinical that started September 2016 then transitioned into full time PT in January 2017. We have known Sydney since she was 16 as Jason has played pickup basketball with her father for nearly 15 years. She has really demonstrated her ability as an outstanding PT in her first year and is growing in her skills adding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction to her list of specialties.

Jason Meagrow joined our team in February 2017 following the departure of Jukka Pietila from the practice (he returned to his previous employer focusing on chronic pain treatment). Jason worked with Barb and Jason at another clinic nearly 10 years ago and was a student under Jason for his last clinical affiliation in school then moved to Dayton OH for the past few years. He returned to the area last winter and joined our team. Jason is an amazing PT and a fantastic teammate able to treat all different patient issues as well as simply a good person who people can fully trust with their health.

Our support staff of Karen Dastick and Jacob DenDulk create an atmosphere of fun and top notch customer service that is simply difficult to teach. Karen is a dependable, competent, hard worker who puts extra effort into each patient situation from scheduling to helping with the payment/billing process. Jacob is someone we can trust to just get things done. He is there to help patients understand and perform their exercise programs correctly as well as help with all the other projects around the office that can sometimes go unnoticed.

We are most blessed with the people who have chosen us to provide their physical therapy care. We truly have great patients who help us to grow and learn not only to be the best PT’s we can be, but also, to really allow us to get to know them on multiple levels. We work daily to help each person become the best possible version of themselves and in allowing us to do that, we are blessed to be a part of that process which is extremely rewarding. To then have patients who refer their family and friends to us, like so many of you do, is the highest possible compliment we can receive.

We really don’t have to look far to see God’s greatness in our lives every single day. We can sometimes look past these gifts to see the negative or the things that we think would make our lives better materialistically.  We sincerely appreciate our blessings this year.  Thank you all for being part of our lives in your trust in our abilities to help you become the best you that you can be.