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Getting Into Shape… How Do I Start ?

Jan 11, 2019

Did you set a goal of “getting into shape” for the New Year?

A favorite joke I tell patients when they ask about different exercise programs or plans is, “I love (insert high intensity program name here).” When they ask why I like that program, my response is, “Because it makes me a lot of money.”

Many people are inspired to make big changes with the New Year, to finally get off the couch and get healthy again. Whether your goal is running, strengthening, or overall conditioning, know where you’re starting from and use a gradient approach to improve your physical health.

Start the Journey

Everyone has their own journey. When considering where to start yours, take an inventory of where you’ve been. If you work in an office and haven’t run for a couple of years years, then the River Bank 25K may not be your best first activity. A “Couch to 5K” program can actually limit success because the goal is just too much, too soon.


Evaluate your Overall Health

If you haven’t exercised much in years, are taking multiple medications, are 30 pounds or more overweight (or any combination of these), consider a visit to your primary care doctor for an overall physical evaluation and bloodwork to ensure your major systems are working correctly.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation at one of our RobinetPT clinics.

Develop a Personalized Plan

Next, schedule a no–cost consultation visit with Robinet PT to assess your musculoskeletal and neurological systems. We will create a specific plan for what your body needs in order for exercise to feel good and create the kind of change you are looking for without the pain and soreness. Our personal trainers can also assist you in developing a coaching program tailored to your needs and goals as well.

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Set a Goal

Do you have a reason for getting into shape? Is it so you can participate in activities that you couldn’t before?  To check off a big goal like a marathon or triathlon?  To fit into those jeans that have been sitting on the shelf for a while?

The secret is to find a goal that gets you out of bed on the days you just don’t want to. Any big change requires inspiration and purpose. Find that first.

Do things that inspire you to be your best

After you set your goals, be realistic in your activity and time. If you don’t like a particular activity, don’t set a goal that requires that activity.

My personal activity is basketball. I love to play whenever I can. Being 45 this year and playing against 20–something players gives me the inspiration to run, stretch, and strengthen before I play, getting into shape to compete against younger athletes.

Try different classes and group exercise programs that can give you social interaction and support to keep going during the difficult times.

make getting into shape a priority

Make it a Priority

Lastly, make getting not shape a priority. Put it on your schedule. Don’t make health secondary to everything else in your life. “Not enough time” is just an excuse. If it’s important, you will find the time.

So, just make it happen. Getting into shape is a great goal because your overall health is better. That can make all the difference.