Looking back… and looking ahead.

Sep 05, 2018
Five years.

Barb and I often look at each other and ask, “Where has the time gone?”, especially when we look at our children (Zoe, 13 and Ezekiel, 11). We are very proud of the team we have assembled here at Robinet Physical Therapy and the services we provide. It truly is difficult to believe that we turned 5 this summer.

When “be your best” was born.

When we started mapping out the clinic 5 years ago, we discovered that how we provide physical therapy and how we care for the entire person was missing in health care. We wanted to provide a service that would fill that gap and help the entire person achieve the be the best possible version of themself. This idea is where “Be Your Best” was born.

Realizing the vision.

Over the years, we have found like-minded people with the same goals to bring onto our team.  We’ve met people searching out our services for their own health and people who see physical therapy as so much more than massages and exercises.  We have assembled a team that provides high level hands-on physical therapy without losing sight of the ultimate goal of helping people’s lives to improve. We have an amazing team that gives each person extraordinary care that produces results.

Greenville, here we come.

Because of this team and success we’ve enjoyed for the past five years, we have decided to expand our practice to open a second facility in Greenville.  We are working hard toward opening this October 1, 2018. Why Greenville? We found the same health care gap in the greater Greenville area. We have patients making the drive to Rockford for the care we provide. We live halfway between Greenville and Rockford. Our kids attend Greenville Public Schools. We feel as though both Rockford and Greenville are home.

We are excited for the opportunity to provide high level, hands-on physical therapy to a new area.  We are excited to see the potential that Greenville will provide Robinet Physical Therapy to find more people that we can help achieve their full physical potential.

Our amazing staff.

To that end, we’ve recruited a talented and dedicated team to staff both clinics for success. We are pleased to welcome Katherine Partyka, a recent graduate from GVSU who completed her last clinical rotation at our facility. She demonstrated the ability to observe, process and utilize our clinical approach and realized very good success with patient improvements. She also has a wonderful personality to compliment her clinical skills.

We have also hired Sarah Draper at our Rockford clinic front desk to assist Karen with all the aspects of patient care from the administrative components. Karen has done an amazing job of keeping all the balls in the air while juggling patient scheduling, communications, insurance interactions, billing questions, physician office coordination, clinical IT needs and phones at times, etc. Sarah is a great person with a passion and gift to help small business grow with her background in administration, marketing, and previous experience with local businesses.

Brooke Mundt is a physical therapy assistant that has worked in the RobinetPT gym or the past 2 months alongside with Jacob to improve patient experience in therapeutic exercise and modalities used as an adjunct to what happens with the PT in the treatment room. Brooke has been a real pleasure to have join our team bringing her warm, caring personality to match her passion for helping people through physical therapy.

Gratitude for you and excitement for the future.

We are very excited at what the next 5 years will bring. We also realize that none of this is possible without patients to work with and the willingness for our patients to recommend us to their family and friends who need help. We survive on the good graces of our patients to spread the word to help their family and friends find out about us and what we do. Please know that those actions don’t go unnoticed and are crucial to the success that allows us to even consider opening another clinic.