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Lower Back Pain

Sep 05, 2018

Lower back pain can be debilitating and difficult to overcome. The general mechanics and region itself are very complex. It’s not simply the spine.



Many people come into the clinic complaining of a “pinched nerve” in their lower back region.  This is rarely the case for the majority of lower back issues we see.  If the nerve was actually “pinched” or blocked, you would feel nothing as the nerve is no longer able to conduct impulses or information to the brain.

In reality, you would lose the ability to control muscles and that is a very serious condition that can require surgery.


The lower back region is affected by the thoracic and lumbar spine, the sacroiliac joint, and the hip joints on each side directly. Each of these areas has a specific job or functional purpose during movement and control of the body.

Each spinal level is separated by discs which can be complicated as they have two major jobs: to create a ligamentous connection between each level and to provide stability while allowing movement to occur in a controlled manner.

.Discs become problems when the ligamentous tissues on the outside of the structure become weak from excessive forces causing them to stretch out or “bulge” like an old tire with a bad sidewall.


So then what?  The purpose of the evaluation from the physical therapist is to find out how each joint is moving and performing its specific job or purpose. For example, if the hips are tight, restricted and not moving correctly; the force that would normally be applied to the hip joint is now forced up the chain into the sacroiliac and lumbar joints which can cause problems.

By creating improvements with hip flexibility and movement, the hips can take stress off of the lower back spine and diminish pain.


At Robinet Physical Therapy, we utilize specific, hands-on testing to determine the actual capacity for each part of the lower back and hip region to do its specific job or purpose.

We work to get to the root of the problem by finding out what structure is not working correctly and fix that issue, not chase the symptoms or pain that can be misleading at times.  There are options for long term solutions to lower back pain.

Want to learn more? Come to our “Solutions for Back Pain” workshop on September 20 to find out how they can be applied to you.