“Meticulous and Personalized”— A Testimonial

Jan 20, 2020

I attended 2 separate rounds of PT with Robinet Physical Therapy. One was for my back and one for my shoulder. The simple fact that I returned to Robinet for additional help tells you that these guys know therapy!

One word that describes Robinet PT is meticulous. I received one on one personalized assessment each visit to review my progress and address new issues that may have developed. They worked on my injury with stretching and massage first and did not push to strengthen the area until it was ready.

Robinet worked with my insurance company to provide the best care possible in the allotted time. They were committed to my goals and helping me achieve them.

I have been able to prolong steroid injections and have gained mobility and pain relief. I wish that the therapists and their assistants at Robinet PT had been a part of my life 10 years ago when my injuries initially occurred!

Thank you Katie, Barb, and Jacob!

Cindy K is a RobinetPT client.