Golf Body and Swing Mechanics Workshop

EVENT DATE: 06/20/2018
EVENT TITLE: Golf Body and Swing Mechanics Workshop • June 20 • 6:30 pm
EVENT LOCATION: RobinetPT Clinic • Edgerton at 14 Mile

Are you new to golf or an “old duffer”? Are you a hacker or a scratch golfer? Are you enjoying golf or losing your mind due to inconsistency?

Golfers everywhere struggle with the same issues that you do. The “yips”, “shanks”, and“duffs” affect anyone who has teed one up and “enjoyed the terrible walk.”

Sometimes it’s swing mechanics that affect the ball control and sometimes it’s body mechanics.  Join RobinetPT therapist Jason Meagrow, DPT to see where your restrictions lie during the golf swing to find if it’s just practice you need or if it’s something physical therapy can help.

You will learn how to warm up properly with the right stretches and exercises to help your body work specifically for golf. You will learn how to train the right groups of muscles for proper swing mechanics to improve and become consistent. Some people have limitations with slicing the ball off the tee related to trunk and spine restrictions that can easily be corrected with physical therapy intervention and direction.

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