News from the Therapy Gym

Mar 09, 2018

Our New Therapy Gym

In our expanding quest to innovate and fulfill our mission to help patients move beyond pain to be their best, we’re pleased to showcase the expansion and update of the therapy gym in our Rockford clinic.

The remodel includes an enlarged therapy gym, nearly doubling the size of the original gym. “At roughly 975 square feet, the new space gives us the room for our staff to work with rehab and recovery patient and well as elite and emerging athletes,” said Jason Robinet who, with his wife Barb, own the clinic. “With our philosophy on one–on–one patient care, the extra space means more therapists can work with more patients at the same time.”

The expanded space also incorporates a modality treatment room for additional therapy and rehab services.

Introducing Kaytlynne Kerwin

Robinet also welcomed a new PT Technician to work with the therapists. Kaytlynne Kerwin has joined Jacob den Delk in the rehab gym.

With Jacob, she will administer and demonstrate home exercise programs. Kaitlynne has a BA, Science Education from Cornerstone University and a BS, Bible and Theology from Kuyper College. She was a Cross Country and All State Track runner at Kent City High School and ran at the collegiate level. She was also a RobinetPT patient.

Congratulations Jacob den Delk

In addition to his duties at RobinetPT, Jacob den Delk has been named a Wellness Coach for the Livestrong program for cancer survivors at the Wolverine Worldwide YMCA in Belmont. Jacob will split his time between the clinic and the “Y” as he works toward graduate–level PT studies.