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Off Season Training

Jun 02, 2020

For athletes, the off-season is defined as the time in between post-season competition and pre-season training. This time provides an excellent opportunity to rest from competition as well as build strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Summer is often the time of year many athletes get that break from competition and sport. Coincidentally, we all currently find ourselves in a type of “off-season” due to the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic being unable to go to the gym or compete in social sport activities. This does not mean that we can’t stay in shape or take advantage of this “off-season” opportunity whether we are current athletes, former athletes, or simply enjoy recreational exercise. 

Why is off-season training important? 

  • Avoid mental burnout and physical overuse injuries.

Competition often requires mental focus and dedication that can be taxing on young athletes. Mental burnout can even lead to physical injury. Research has shown that participating in multiple sports or taking a break from year round single sport competition reduces mental and physical burnout.

  • Prepare for the next season and become a better overall athlete.

Diversified movements will allow for better overall performance. Jason Robinet, PT and co-owner of Robinet Physical Therapy explains, “Part of off season training is to ensure the body’s preparedness for competition by working to build flexibility, muscle balance, endurance and strength so that high performance activity can be performed freely and without physical limitations.” 

How to ensure a productive off-season

  • Make a Plan:

There are a plethora of training programs available whatever your sport or activity level. It’s important to focus on your goals and interests while avoiding sports specific training. Also remember to choose a program that will improve your strength, mobility and agility. Don’t be afraid to try something new! You may find you enjoy another sport or activity outside of your primary sport. Finally, make sure your program comes from a reputable source. Our experts can help. Reach out to us on our website at robinetpt.com or message us on Facebook at Robinet Physical Therapy. 

  • Have fun: 

This is a time to have fun, recharge and take that much-needed mental break. Remember why you love sports to begin with!

  • PT’s can help: 

Jason Robinet is passionate about helping athletes achieve their greatest potential. “I’ve often thought that part of every sports physical for student athletes should include PT’s as we are the expert in physical functioning and testing,” says Robinet. “We can determine if the student athlete is appropriate for higher level training and performance and help them avoid injury. . . . A PT can [also] determine if any physical limitations exist and correct them to maximize training times and outcomes.  We’d rather treat a small dysfunction to avoid injury during [the] season leading to missed practices and games.”

We wish you the best of luck with your off season training! If you need help with your off season training or you have an injury preventing you from performing activities, call us today! We want to help you “be your best”!