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What to Expect

What to Expect

Helping you move beyond pain.

If Physical Therapy is new to you, you may have some questions about the process. We search for the physiological source of your pain or discomfort, and then work to resolve the issue. We work closely with your referring doctor, surgeon or physician to make sure they are aware and approve of your plan of care. Generally, your treatment path will look something like this:

Initial Visit
  • Evaluation question and answer session
  • Education-empowerment
  • Goal setting
  • Custom physical exercise plan
  • Plan of care moves forward and is sent to your primary care physician, in the case of a medical referral


Subsequent Visits 
  • Markers toward intentional improvement
  • Adjustments to at-home exercise plan
  • Progress notes reviewed with each patient
  • Referring physician outreach every two weeks, followed by a phone call from our clinical team
  • Plan of care details for self-referring patients are sent to their primary care physician by the 10th visit or 21 days after the initial visit, whichever comes first.


Final Visit 
  • Plan of care achievement
  • Follow up, based upon patient needs
  • Patient reviews encouraged
  • Final evaluations sent to referring physicians

You have the choice.

Choose to be your best.

You can choose the Physical Therapist that best understands you and your goals. It's the law. If we're a good fit, ask your doctor to refer you to Robinet PT.

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