Purpose Driven Physical Therapy

Purpose Driven Physical Therapy


Over the years, we have been asked “Why come to Robinet Physical Therapy?” Simple question, not so simple to answer. We have struggled to put into words what makes us so unique, our approach so different than that of other clinics, physicians, and health care providers. As a team, we came up with a list of reasons. But how to answer in the simplest way?

Why come here? We provide purpose driven physical therapy services. Each and every person who walks through our doors has their own life history, their own medical history, personal health and life goals, issues or complications, and their own “purpose” for improving their physical capacity and health.

It’s difficult for people not to compare what they are experiencing to friends, family, and others who have had similar issues in the past. Every person who has had a knee replacement surgery is different than every other who has had the same procedure.


The medical health care and insurance systems have tried their best to simplify the process through creation of protocols, codes, repayment policies, programs, etc. based on diagnosis only. Creation of these systems improves overall efficiency, but it loses the treatment of the person by categorizing them into a body part, procedure, or diagnosis code.

Here at Robinet Physical Therapy, we take the time to get to know you, getting to the heart of your own personal purpose. We evaluate the limitations or restrictions that the patient is experiencing and the physical components that are needed to complete specific actions or movements.

For example, if you have lower back pain every time you bend forward to pick up your child, what are the physical components that are needed for that action? We assess the spine, pelvis, hips and legs to determine if they are moving correctly according to each joint’s functional “purpose” or action.

We frequently find that tightness in the hips and pelvis create restrictions in movement that creates compensation into the lumbar spine that provides the amount of motion needed to bend forward during that same action. Ever wonder why your back ends up hurting after you injured your ankle? Compensation.


The treatments that the therapist provides by using hands on techniques have specific purposes and expected results. They are tested before and after each technique to determine its effectiveness. Once the specific limitations are worked on, the overall greater movement and action is reassessed into the larger goal of normal physical movement without restriction or pain.

We then provide further treatment which is performed by you so that you can work toward the goal of returning to normal movement and activity. Each exercise has a specific purpose targeted to your deficit. The overall process is measured objectively so you can continue to work toward the goals you have for yourself.

At Robinet Physical Therapy, the overall purpose of our company is to help you realize your own physical potential  and to help you achieve our tagline of “Be Your Best”. The capacity for the human body to heal itself, improve endurance and strength, and overcome physical challenges is truly amazing.

We enjoy and delight in seeing our patients return to their normal lives, sporting activity, home and work functions, and reaching their own “purpose”. We are passionate and eager to help you reach your maximum physical potential through physical therapy.


Please let us know how we can help you, your friends, and your family to “Be Your Best”. We offer no-cost consultations. Call us today for an appointment to personally experience the “purpose driven” Robinet Physical Therapy difference that so many are talking about!

Be your best. Everyday.

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