Physical Therapy Areas of Focus


Everything we do, we do to help you be your best.

We help you heal.

Whether post accident or post injury, Physical Therapy works in conjunction with your physician, surgeon, medical doctor or chiropractor to get you back up and going. We focus on strengthening and retraining damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments. You choose a path forward; we help you set and accomplish your goals.

We help you move beyond pain.

There may be options for pain mediation that do not include opioids or long term pain medications. Strengthening your core muscle groups, redistributing the weight, movement and pressure you place on on your body and retraining you muscles to perform basic movements in new ways can protect injuries to give them time to heal.

We help you increase your mobility.

Physical Therapy not only strengthens your body’s physiology, it trains (and sometimes re–trains) the body’s physiology to work in tandem.

We follow the recommendation of your physician, doctor, surgeon or other medical/health provider and address the cause of your stiffness or mobility issues.

We help you perform.

When you push your body to its limits, we help you reach your optimum performance, whether on the trail, on the field or in the workplace. Our proprietary Prehab programs use physical therapy techniques to help prevent injuries and help you be your best.

We help you live better.

Life can be difficult when you are in pain. When you can’t do the things that you used to be able to do. When social interaction becomes difficult due to incontinence or bowel issues. Or when pain prevents intimacy. Physical therapy is designed to help all of these issues, in a way that trains your core muscles to work together.

We take our role in patient health seriously and we are good at what we do. We hope to have the chance to work with you to help you be your best.

You have the choice.

Choose to be your best.

You can choose the Physical Therapist that best understands you and your goals. It's the law. If we're a good fit, ask your doctor to refer you to Robinet PT.

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