Pelvic Heath and Healing

C-section: Scar Massage and Adhesion Release

Caesarian sections are sometimes necessary for various reasons, but just like any other surgery there are issues that physical therapy can resolve. During a C-section, surgeons have to cut through 8 layers of tissue, including your uterus. As the body heals it tends to create scar tissue along the surgical site. This scar tissue, if left untreated, may cause increased menstruation pain, pelvic pain, various bladder issues and rectal issues, constipation and bloating/distention.

What are some of the common symptoms?

One of the common complaints after a C-section is the sensitivity of the scar itself. It hurts to lean over the baby’s crib to pick him/her up, or to lean against a counter. Other symptoms include pain with holding your child, pain with lifting or pain with positional changes. This pain can be in the pelvis, back or hips. Urinary leakage or the inability to stand erect or reach over your head is another common symptom.

What are some of the common causes?

Your C-section scar is like looking at an iceberg. You are only seeing the tip. Remember that the scar is 8 layers deep. It may have irritated nerves in that area to cause pain. The scar tissue may wrap around certain organs like the uterus, bladder, small intestines or large intestines, and either cause pain or dysfunction of the organ itself.  After a C-section there may be increased back pain caused by the scar tissue pulling to create poor posture of the hips and pelvis.

Pelvic Health and Healing

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