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Urinary Urgency and Frequency

What are some of the common symptoms?

The main symptom of urinary urgency is when you feel the urge or need to urinate and you have to rush to the bathroom right away. You do not leak urine, but you do not feel like you are able to delay urination.

The main symptom of urinary frequency is that you are going to the bathroom often. You feel like fluids are going right through you and you know the location of every bathroom. You feel like you are living in the bathroom and usually feel like you are not emptying your bladder completely.

What are some of the common causes?

Some of the causes of urgency and frequency can be, but are not limited to, recurrent urinary tract infections or persistent urinary tract infections. Another significant cause is forming bad bathroom habits. These bad habits are caused by fear of urine leakage so you try to keep your bladder empty. You train your bladder to go so often by always going during certain situations like before leaving the house or right when you arrive home, bearing down or pushing to urinate or rush urination. Another bad habit is hovering over the toilet so that you are not relaxed, not allowing your bladder to empty naturally. More causes include urethral hypermobility, which is when the urethra (tube from the bladder to outside of body) has lost its support and is moving too much, causing irritation to the bladder, or the bladder does not have enough room to fill up due to scar tissue.





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