Prehab for Elite and Emerging Athletes

How Prehab Helps Elite and Emerging Athletes


6 ways that Prehab PT helps Elite and Emerging Athletes be their best.

  1. Prehab PT identifies muscle imbalance that may limit performance. By conditioning and working these muscle groups, athletes can see improved performance to give them an extra burst, faster response, more accurate throw or longer endurance.
  2. Prehab PT strengthens the core, as well as key muscles. By identifying muscle groups and working them in harmony with the body to execute sports–specific plays, elite and emerging athletes can improve their whole body toning.
  3. Prehab PT may prevent injuries caused by bad form or technique. While Prehab PT cannot prevent contact injuries, by training muscle groups to work together, Prehab PT can reduce repetitive stress injury, aches, pain muscle fatigue. Improving flexibility and correcting muscle imbalance can prevent further discomfort and potential injury while improving performance. Together, training and technique help you be your best longer into the season.
  4. Prehab PT gives you a competitive edge. Muscle memory is an important part of sports success. correcting imbalances so that muscle groups respond in harmony in response to a specific play, condition or terrain can be the split–second difference between striving and winning. The confidence that you are prepared to play can also build confidence to overcome pre–race or pre–game jitters and yips.
  5. Prehab PT is a personalized program. Prehab training starts with an evaluation of your current playing condition to identify opportunities for personal improvement. A personalized exercise and  training program is developed. Sessions include in–clinic therapy and on–the–ground practice.
  6. Prehab PT makes your training more effective. Prehab PT is not a magic balm. But, like learning specific plays and building team dynamics, Prehab PT helps you perform better, play longer and be your best.

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