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Prehab PT FAQs


Is Prehab PT right for you?

The best way to determine if Prehab PT is right for you is through a consultation with a physical therapist trained in orthopedic and sports rehab at Robinet Physical Therapy. They will learn your goals and concerns. If prehab PT is a good fit, they will recommend a therapy program right for you.

At Robinet Physical Therapy, this consultation is available at no cost. Simple schedule a no–cost consultation below.


Frequently Asked Questions about Prehab PT

How long does Prehab PT last?

If prehab is right for you, we set up a program that includes half–hour in–clinic sessions. The number of sessions depends on how fast your body responds. Usually, this can be accomplished in 1 – 6 sessions.

What types of Prehab PT do you offer?

Elite runners find prehab conditioning to be an important part of their training protocol. Robinet Physical Therapy orthopedic and sports rehab PT’s offer prehab conditioning for fall sports including running, cross country, soccer, football, volleyball and water polo.

Does Prehab PT improve my technique?

As we work with you to discover the things that are keeping you from your personal best, we may suggest adjustments to your form and technique. As you practice after your session, we will encourage you to engage these changes.

Will Prehab PT affect my training?

For someone participating in a personal sport, like running, prehab may introduce new form and technique to implement the training of targeted muscle groups while participating in your sport. For team athletes, like football or volleyball, prehab helps you perform the plays you’ve learned more effectively, leading to improved performance. it does not change your playbook

What does Prehab PT cost?

Start by scheduling a no cost consultation. We will set goals and determine an affordable treatment plan. Your first treatment is $125, which includes an evaluation, Subsequent treatments are $75 each.

Is Prehab PT eligible for insurance reimbursement?

Insurance is reserved for physical therapy for medical treatments diagnosed by a medical provider (like a physician or chiropractor). If your doctor is concerned with pain or discomfort that you have during your exercise regime, he or she may prescribe physical therapy treatment. We will require a prescription from your medical provider and will check with your insurance company to determine if Prehab PT conditioning is covered.

You have the choice.

You can choose the Physical Therapist that best understands you and your goals. It's the law. If we're a good fit, ask your doctor to refer you to Robinet PT.

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