Prehab for the Workplace

Prehab PT for the Workplace

Move smart. Work smart.

In many professions, your body is your workbox, a set of tools designed for peak productivity. When one of those tools gets rusty, or is used repetitively or incorrectly, productivity declines. You’re slow, you’re sore and you can’t be your best.

Whether it’s factory work, outdoor work, office work, light to heavy lifting, or any other repetitive function, we advocate your health, safety and peak performance in the workplace through the biomechanics of sports therapy.

  • Ergonomic assessment for repetitive motion in the workplace to improve quality of life and work performance
  • Mechanical Assessment customized to work activity
  • “Tweaks” designed to improve performance and reduce potential for injury

You have the choice.

Choose to be your best.

You can choose the Physical Therapist that best understands you and your goals. It's the law. If we're a good fit, ask your doctor to refer you to Robinet PT.

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