Pelvic Heath and Healing

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain conditions are known by a variety of different names. Some common conditions treated at Robinet Physical Therapy include: Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia, Levator Ani Syndrome, Vulvodynia, Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, and Endometriosis Pain

What are some of the common symptoms?

Symptoms of pelvic pain, in addition to pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis, may include: pain in the hip or buttock, pain in the tailbone, limited sitting tolerance, pain in the joints of the pelvis, pain with sexual intercourse, tender points in the muscles of the abdomen, reduced range of motion in the hips and lumbar spine, urinary frequency, urgency, or incontinence, painful bowel movements, constipation and/or straining with bowel movements.

What are some of the common causes?

Pelvic pain can be caused by problems such as pelvic joint dysfunction, muscle imbalance within the muscles of the pelvic floor, trunk, and/or pelvis, incoordination in the muscles related to bowel and bladder function, tender points in the muscles of the pelvic floor, pressure on one or more nerves in the pelvis, and weakness in the muscles of the pelvis and pelvic floor. Pelvic Pain can also be related to the presence of scar tissue after abdominal or pelvic surgery. There can be organic disease processes related to pelvic pain as well therefore it is important to consult your physician to fully determine the cause of your pain.

Pelvic Health and Healing

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