Cycling Power and Endurance

May 01, 2019

Bicycles, Cycling and muscular output

I have a deep–seeded interest in cycling. This comes from over 15 years of involvement with local cycling groups and individual cycling.

PT looks for the building blocks like joint integrity, muscle flexibility, fascial movement, and neuromuscular balance. We do this to help us to discover limitations that prohibit power output.

When we affect the building blocks of physical endurance, strength, and power for the better, a cyclist has improved performance and avoids injury.

Power = Work (Force x Distance)/Time

The physics definition of power is work (force x distance) over time. Therefore, a higher workload over a shorter time is more powerful than a high amount of work over a long time. It’s the difference between being strong and being powerful.

Consider the timber from a strong tree. When you use timber to build a house, you combine strength and endurance powerful enough to last for decades… even centuries.

But, when you use timber to build a catapult, you combine strength and force. The timber stores power and releases it at once.

Like trees, cyclists need both endurance and force to create power.

We are a proud sponsor of the Speed Merchants Cycling Team

Improving cycling power and endurance

We have worked with multiple professional cyclists to help them recover from injuries that incurred during training and races. This allows us to introduce performance enhancement treatments to improve power and endurance on the bike. It is fascinating to learn about the amount of physical training and capacity for endurance, strength and power. How it these interact with the physics and engineering of the actual “machine” itself is remarkable.

Through our work with the Priority Health cycling team and now with the Speed Merchants team, we measure and improve a cyclist’s output through the power meters in their bike. By adding objective meter measurements to our knowledge of the body, we help cyclists improve performance levels and recover from injury.

A no–cost consultation can lead to a better bicycle ride.

We offer no cost consultations to discover possible limitations. This way, we help determine if PT would be helpful in correcting any issue. Could that be you? If so, Call us today to set up your appointment to help you “Be Your Best” on two wheels on the road, trails, or trainer.

Please be aware that cyclists are enjoying the weather on the bike. Be sure to give them room and slow down around them for their safety.