Robinet PT Testimonial of the Month

Feb 12, 2019

How Dan avoided surgery and recovered from running pain through Physical Therapy

Pain free running is the best running.”

For two years, Dan had noticed increasing heel and leg pain on his right side while running.  A natural athlete, he would stretch and try to work through the pain but nothing seemed to help. After an appointment with his doctor, referrals to three specialist, an x-ray, an ultrasound and physical therapy, a surgeon told him that he needed his Achilles tendon “clipped” to fix a bone spur.

Then, Dan met Jason Robinet. (His wife takes credit for this.) After a one on one no–cost consultation, Jason suggested that the problem might possibly be resolved without surgery.  Through analyzing the way Dan’s body was moving, Jason created a rehab and recovery plan. Within two weeks, Dan felt good enough and confident enough to cancel his surgery.   He is slowly beginning to reintroduce his running routine. He says, “Pain free running is the best running.”

At RobinetPT, we agree! Are you struggling with a nagging injury or pain that keeps you from being your best? Call or contact our Greenville or Rockford clinic today for a no–cost consultation to see how we can help you become energized and pain free, to “Be Your Best.”

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