Star of the Month

Jun 22, 2020

How a college athlete overcame his knee injuries to return to competition in the fall. 

Giovanni Weeks
Wheaton College
Running Back

Meet Giovanni Weeks, a football player at Wheaton College who is heading into his sophomore year this fall. Gio was a highly decorated, 4-year Varsity starting athlete at Kent City High School where he also competed in Track and Field. He excelled as a two-time All-State selection, three-time All-Conference honoree and a two-time All-Area performer. When he is not preparing for football by lifting weights and completing anaerobic sprint workouts to keep his speed up, you may find him extending his competitive side to the back yard enjoying games like Can Jam, Spikeball and Corn Hole during his free time. 

“Blessing in disguise”
During the last race of his 8th grade year of track and field, he suffered from a torn hamstring, which he states, “was a complete blessing in disguise.” He ended up at Robinet Physical Therapy for his rehabilitation. This event changed his life because he learned from his Physical Therapist, Jason Robinet, how to better take care of his body. He was able to take this knowledge with him throughout high school and into college athletics. 

Gio, unfortunately, experienced another life-changing injury last fall during the second week of football practice with the Thunder. During a special teams one vs. one drill, Gio was sprinting at full speed down the field, when he planted to change directions and heard a pop in his left knee, rupturing his ACL. He quickly underwent surgery to repair the ACL in Illinois and followed up with 6 months of Physical Therapy while still attending classes. Yet another setback occurred when he was sent home from college due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although he tried to continue with his knee rehab at home, he felt cautious and unsure about how hard to push his knee. 

Despite the setback, Gio was determined to never lose sight of his goal to return to football this fall. With increasing uncertainty and pain due to the onset of patellar tendonitis, he decided to call RPT. Dr. Jason Meagrow began treating Gio in May. Gio liked the one on one treatment he received at RPT, and he felt assured his rehab was purposeful and specific to him. Giovanni goes on to explain, “Prior to treatment at Robinet PT, I struggled greatly with my overall balance and stability of my knee, [patellar] tendonitis and lack of knowledge about what I need to do to be “100%. Afterward, I can say all of these criteria have been covered, and I feel confident in returning back to sport in the fall.” 

We are proud of how far Gio has come, and we cannot wait to see all of his accomplishments in the future.