Star of the Month

Jul 08, 2020

How a teenage athlete overcame her headaches after a skiing accident.

Meet Addison Forrester, an incoming junior at Rockford High School who is an avid and experienced skier. When there isn’t snow on the ground, you may find her competing in a half marathon (she has completed 3) or biking competitively. Here is her story about how her life got turned upside down, literally, December 2018 on Crystal Mountain. Addison recalls that she was excited for a day of skiing with friends. They hit some of the tougher hills in the morning and after lunch decided to move on to some jumps. As she was approaching her jump, she gathered too much speed and when she hit the jump she twisted in the air, causing her to land on her head and neck. She complained of a headache some dizziness but decided to get back to the slopes. Later on, that evening after the group had headed home, Addison’s headache became more severe and she became increasingly nauseous. It was then that her father drove her to urgent care where she was evaluated and transported via ambulance to Spectrum Health downtown Grand Rapids. After undergoing testing including MRI, CT scan and x-ray, which were luckily negative, she was diagnosed with a concussion and possible neck injury and sent home with a neck brace. The daily headaches continued despite 6 weeks of rest and consultations with physicians, a neurologist and chiropractors. At that point, Addison was led to try physical therapy. 

Addison started her treatment at RPT with Jason Robinet. She explains, “I liked working with Jason because he’s not only hilarious but told me what was wrong with my neck right away. [During my] first appointment he told me that I sprained my neck; no other doctor had been able to figure that out or tell me that before.” She also liked that Jason found the root of her problem and taught her how to treat herself at home in conjunction with the treatment she received in the 

clinic. Addison goes on to describe how physical therapy helped her. “I am doing very well now and there are so many things I can do now that I couldn’t do without pain before such as reading a book, typing on my computer, watching a movie, and even just sitting in class. Physical therapy changed my life due to the fact I don’t have to live with a constant headache anymore. I love Robinet Physical Therapy and am so glad that I got the opportunity to feel better by working with them.”

We are so happy that Addison has returned to doing the things she loves without pain and headaches. We know she will do great things and we appreciate her trust in our care!