Star of the Month: Diane Legate

Mar 08, 2021

“If not now, when?”, is a motto that Diane Legate, an active 61-year-old triathlete, mother, grandmother, friend and wife, embraces. To describe Diane as ‘active’ is an understatement. In her 25 years of running, she has challenged herself to an Ironman Triathlon, 28 marathons, as well as Ultra Races including a 50k trail race the year she turned 50 and a 60k backpacking trek on the Appalachian Trail the year she turned 60. Diane lives her life with an energy and determination that is an inspiration to many, an example being when she suffered a hamstring injury this past October; she wasn’t going to let that stop her from returning to the things she loves. This is a part of her story. 

Diane hiking the Appalachian Trail

In early October of 2020, Diane was competing in a 32 mile trail run when she slipped and fell partially tearing her hamstring at the ischial tuberosity (sit bone). She saw her sports medicine doctor and was referred to physical therapy. After trying another PT practice and not being comfortable, she heard about Robinet PT from a friend of hers. She was able to call RPT and schedule an appointment with Tracy Powers the same day. Diane states, “ Tracy gave me a specific treatment plan on my first day of therapy and focused on my primary goal of returning to running. She gave me hope that I would get back to running.” Diane goes on to describe how Tracy took into consideration her full medical history, evaluated her progress each week and gave her creative ways to be active throughout the recovery process.  “Everyone I encountered at Robinet were very friendly and caring.  I was very appreciative of their effort to follow Covid Protocols and keep me safe.”

When Diane began PT, she had pain with sitting and could only walk 10 minutes using poles for assistance. After 12 weeks with Tracy, she has returned to running and biking 3 days a week, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, strength training and yoga; let us not forget that she can now keep up with her 7 grandchildren as well. Diane’s future aspirations include running in the 125th Boston Marathon this year, which she has qualified for, and completing 1 more 50K trail run. She plans to retire in 2 years and looks forward to spending time with her husband of 40 years, running, swimming and biking with her group of 12 friends (lovingly referred to as ‘the posse’), and seeing the plans God has in store for her children and grandchildren. 

Tracy Powers, DPT describes Diane as “a force” and it’s easy to see why after hearing Diane’s story. We are honored to have been able to help Diane return to all the many things she loves to do. We know she will go on to accomplish many more of her goals. See you on the trail and best wishes to you, Diane! 

Biking with friends along Lake Michigan

As inspirational as Diane is, she’d like to mention a couple of people who inspire her. For one, a dear friend who persevered through the sudden passing of her husband with grace, grit and faith. It was he who often said, ‘If not now, when?’ These friends are a reminder to Diane to live simply. Diane also mentioned her PT, Tracy, and states, “ I admire Tracy for her service as a Paratrooper in the military, and [I am] grateful for her service to our country.”