Star of the Month – September

Sep 14, 2020

How an active mother and veterinarian overcame her back pain in order to return to doing all the things she loves! 

Laura with her two children

Meet Dr. Laura Malik, a small animal veterinarian and mother of two middle school students at Greenville Middle School. In her spare time, she enjoys a mix of being active outdoors doing things like hiking with her dog, biking, swimming, skiing, and hanging with friends combined with more relaxing activities like reading, watching movies, and by the way, not cooking and cleaning. 

Dr. Malik began to experience low back pain about 10 years ago while on vacation. She even had to cut the vacation short. Subsequently, frequently bending and lifting animals at work would cause flare-ups of her back pain, but she was able to live her life without too many problems. 

The minor problems progressed in May of 2020 when she experienced a sudden onset of crippling lower back pain and muscle spasms which brought her in to see Barbara Robinet at the RPT Greenville clinic. She was unable to stand up, walk, or do anything at all. 

When asked what her experience was like at RPT, Dr. Malik replied, “Amazing.  Barb’s knowledge and ability to localize the problem, start treatment, and provide guidance was incredible.  After the first visit, I needed less help to get back to the car and was walking with a cane.  Every visit provided more relief and more ability to function.  Within a few weeks, I was back to hiking and running without pain.  Better yet, now when I ‘over do it’ at work, I have some excellent tricks of the trade to use in terms of stretching and exercises to resolve the discomfort without pain medication. I am amazed at the care I received.” She goes on to talk about how Barb and the RPT staff made her feel, “the kindness, compassion, and friendly environment made me feel like the sessions were not just therapy, but a visit with a friend.”

We are so pleased that Dr. Malik has returned to enjoying her runs and practicing taekwondo. We wish her the longevity she aspires towards, and we hope that she will be one of those, as she states, “‘seniors who are running, biking, and skiing even after most have stopped.”