Pelvic Health and Healing

Dyspareunia: Women

What are some of the common symptoms?

This condition consists of pain with any vaginal penetration. This can include intercourse, sexual activity, Pap smear, gynecological exam or tampon use. The pain can range from discomfort to an excruciating sharp knife-like pain. Some women experience a burning or tearing sensation. The pain can last just a few seconds to an entire week after the event.

What are some of the common causes?

Some of the common causes consist of, but are not limited to, tight pelvic muscles, restricted episiotomy site, restricted pelvic surgery site, sexual trauma, organ prolapse into the vaginal canal, decreased mobility of the uterus, or decreased estrogen levels causing the tissues to become frail and lubrication to diminish.

Pelvic Health and Healing

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